Hey there, I’m Liza and I’m a freelance writer from Singapore. In my “previous life”, I graduated with a degree in Political Science and worked in public relations/corporate communications for 6 years. I left my job in late 2015, travelled around Europe and am now seeking more opportunities to put my writing skills to use.


I’m a wordnerd who loves the power of words, and my goal is to provide you with copy and content that will make your website more effective. I work to make your website more persuasive and more customer-focused. I want to build your brand and authority so that more customers are attracted to your services. I want your website to be an awesome lead-generating channel.


In my free time, when I’m not devouring books, my great passion is hip-hop dance. I also practise yoga, enjoy rock climbing and am keenly interested in TV & pop culture. I spend too much time thinking about my next travel adventure, y tambien estoy aprendido español (and I’m also studying Spanish). I’ve also started a blog called The Second Begins.


If you’d like to have a chat about your writing needs, e-mail me and say hello!