Here’s the truth: you can hire writers cheaply on Fiverr or Upwork.


Here’s another truth: 95% of the time, you get what you pay for. And what you get is shoddy writing, grammatical errors, ideas that aren’t fleshed out or articulated well. You may even need to rewrite it yourself or do extensive editing work before the writing can be published.



What’s worse? In the minds of your customers or audience, the low quality of writing will reflect your business.



If you’re looking for a 500-word article for $5, I’m definitely not the writer for you.



What I can promise is that my rates are competitive, fair, and based on the scope of writing work. Every writing assignment is unique. What is why I prefer to quote for projects on an individual basis. We’ll have an e-mail/Skype consultation prior to the start of the project to discuss your goals and the parameters of the project. The aimĀ here is for the writing to meet your needs.



What you will get:

  • a writer whose first language is English (I can easily switch between British & American English, whichever your poison is. The Queen’s English is where it’s at though #justsaying)
  • a writer who will leverage on her experience to produce copy/content for you that works
  • clear, concise, grammatically correct content based on your requirements
  • quality assured as all writing will be crafted by me (I’m a Virgo aka the perfectionist sign; it ain’t no lie!)
  • a commitment from me to meet all deadlines as agreed


Sounds good? Holla at your girl!